Why does your business need Social Media?


There's a voice in your ear, urging. “Be your best self!” If you're a small business owner who's making it, you've probably figured out that authenticity sells. You have a steady flow of customers who recognize your honest qualities and they choose to be loyal. 


Yet how do you reach more people with your story, so you can grow your customer list? As never before in the history of marketing, Social Media can vibrantly connect you to prospects, and capture and keep them engaged in the authentic value of your business. The opportunity is dazzling and the cost-effectiveness is impressive. 


 Let’s make that point, with emphasis! A social media presence is as essential today as a business card or a front door! 


Are you using your Facebook and other social media platforms to full advantage? Have you committed time? Can you appropriately express your business value? Can you create written content, video, or photographic images to tell your story (along with a soft sell and a call to action)? Will you “upload" and connect in a steady routine to keep people engaged?


For help communicating about your business's authentic value, SpunBuzz offers an affordable marketing partnership, led by 20+ year industry veteran, Michele Zommer. Michele can power social media capabilities for your business, with insightful strategy, strong writing and editing, and a focus on consistent, persuasive messages. 

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Through social media, SpunBuzz helps tell the story of your business. A customer who knows you and feels like part of your story, may just become a customer for life! Social media has made it possible for businesses to connect with customers in ways never before possible. Vibrant, personal immediate ways, in fact, right in the palm of the hand!

An instantaneous “Share” practically turns customers into sales people! 

SpunBuzz also produces resources for traditional marketing programs, with our network of outstanding professionals. We work lean and smart to produce email distributions, print and snail-mail brochures, display ads, signage, news publicity campaigns, special events, basically every type of brand promotion you can imagine -- from spectacular to reliable.


Social Media Marketing on all major platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Houzz.

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